Fire and Carnival Arts



Post Apocalyptic Burners

Woad and Doghead managed to finish the Run For Your Lives zombie 5k. It was grueling and treacherously slippery as we were being pursued through the Georgia countryside by the undead. Afterwards we performed fire to a number of great bands at the after-party. We also got to see cast members from The Walking Dead. Good times and a great run! We can’t wait to do it again next year!

Post-run, pre-fire!

Run for Your Lives

Run for Your Lives

Woad of Balefire and Rodrigo of Doghead Fire Arts will be collaborating to perform for the Run for Your Lives 5k zombie obstacle course after party. Ironically enough they were already running the race before being approached by the event coordinators to perform fire at the event. So the question is, will they survive the race? Will they be performing as fire wielding zombies or defenders of the last survivors? If only one of them survive will it be a fire duel to the *permanent* death? If you are interested in the outcome of this consider coming!

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