Fire and Carnival Arts



We are now Balefire: Fire and Carnival Arts

So after Muse and Woad made the appropriate sacrifices to the appropriate demons, we have bound more artists to our performance collective! AND we have had a run on blonde bombshells! Oh, and we hired an jack-ball to be the boss of us who expects us to be paid in pop-tarts.

We are pleased to announce our 3 new collaborators:


First off is our Ring Master, Sig Sawyer. Whatever you do, don’t ask him about how he got his eye injury. We didn’t get no damned Pop-tarts for a week for making that mistake!


Next up is Renegade Roxy! This fearless maven of flames is going set your heart on fire with her skills!!


And last, but by no means least, the lovely Nikki Nuke’m. Living up to her name, she is a blast onstage and off (watch that fallout, though)!

Needless to say we are beside ourselves with excitement about our growing collective and the bigger and better shows we will soon be serving up!

Keep checking in, we’ll have more to share soon!!



gouizeta scolars

We are pleased to announce that we are going to be undergoing a evolution. As this effort progresses we will be able to reveal more! Stay tuned.

Our new promo video!

We are very grateful to Steve Thackston, William Davis, and Nick DeJohn for their generous contributions to this collaboration.


Alexandra the Belly Dancer

Alexandra has a new demo featuring her belly dance skills! Enjoy 🙂

Balefire at the Winter Wonderland Bridal Ball

3_C_with_LOGOSCome and see Balefire perform at the wedding expo at the Emory Conference Center on January 13th. We are joining an amazing collection of vendors who can help all of your wedding dreams come true!

Next week Eric will be at the Fab Glam Showcase!

Please come check out Eric along with a plethora of excellent performers at Karvarna!


Balefire at Roy’s Hideaway on New Year’s Eve

We will be rocking the gay resort scene as we ring in the new year with some excellent folks. They are having 5 days of unbridled frolic you would be hard pressed to top culminating in a awesome party at which we will be performing 2 fire sets. Come and help us burn in the new year!

Latest Photography from Charlie Snyder

Once again Charlie Snyder has worked his mojo and taken some excellent photos of Balefire in their Luau costuming.

Snyder, Charlie. (2012). Woad.
Snyder, Charlie. (2012). Muse Catchfire.


Balefire at the Haunted Oasis

Come and see us at the Haunted Oasis. We are going to joining many talented and lovely folks while they channel their inner trick-or-treaters!

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