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We are now Balefire: Fire and Carnival Arts

So after Muse and Woad made the appropriate sacrifices to the appropriate demons, we have bound more artists to our performance collective! AND we have had a run on blonde bombshells! Oh, and we hired an jack-ball to be the boss of us who expects us to be paid in pop-tarts.

We are pleased to announce our 3 new collaborators:


First off is our Ring Master, Sig Sawyer. Whatever you do, don’t ask him about how he got his eye injury. We didn’t get no damned Pop-tarts for a week for making that mistake!


Next up is Renegade Roxy! This fearless maven of flames is going set your heart on fire with her skills!!


And last, but by no means least, the lovely Nikki Nuke’m. Living up to her name, she is a blast onstage and off (watch that fallout, though)!

Needless to say we are beside ourselves with excitement about our growing collective and the bigger and better shows we will soon be serving up!

Keep checking in, we’ll have more to share soon!!


Balefire’s Halloween Season Schedule!

Fright-Fest-Six-FlagsIt looks like we are in for a very busy Halloween season. We are 99.5% sure we will be rocking Fright Fest at Six Flags with fire over the next month!!! We thought we would post our schedule for the next month and a half so you can find out which haunts we will be in.

September 21: TIki Hut Hawaiian Party: Hilton Head Island

September 27-29: Fright Fest: Six Flags over Georgia

October 5: Art Menage: Hodgepodge Coffee House and Gallery: Atlanta

October 6: Private Event: Atlanta

October 11: Opening Ceremonies for the Georgia Special Olympics: Dalton

October 12-13: Fright Fest: Six Flags over Georgia

October 18-20: Fright Fest: Six Flags over Georgia

October 26: Tiki Hut Halloween Party: Hilton Head Island


Our new expo presentation

If it is not working you can see it here.

Art MenageArt Menage! We are looking forward to an excellent evening dancing with old friends.


Autumn Bridal Ball


We will be joining Wedding One once again for their Autumn Bridal Ball! If you are considering getting hitched and wanting to do it in style, this would be an excellent place to start looking for resources and services. Vendors serving everything from wedding attire to food and ephemera will be on site to make your wedding dreams come true! We will be closing the two fashion shows they will be having over the course of the day. Come out and see us!

A Night at the Oasis: Summer Bazaar!


Come and join Eric at Kavarna for the next Oasis. This one is a special benefit for Kavarna’s manager, Sirkka, whose appendix burst and could use the help with her medical bills. They have been gracious hosts for Oasis for well over a year and we would like to give something back in their time of need.

Balefire is an Official Sponsor of the Georgia Special Olympics



We are excited and privileged to announce that we will be performing at the opening ceremonies of the Georgia Special Olympics. Eric was once a student aide who coached a student for the Ohio Special Olympics when he was a teenager in Ohio. So if you have never attended one of these events, you will be floored by the unbridled joy the participants take in the games. Please come and see us and more importantly show your support for the athletes. Below are some shots from the 2012 games.


Balefire is opening for the art show of Kerri Hirsch and Jon Skoglund

BrotherSun_SisterMoonPlease join us at the Hodge Podge on April 6th.

Fusion Wedding Expo


We are honored to be participating in an international wedding expo! If you are interested in a wedding with international flare come check it and us out.

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