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Heard of Mosaic yet?

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Hello Friends!

Heard of Mosaic, yet? On the weekend of August 17- 18, 2013, the Atlanta area is going to host the South East Mosaic Dance Festival which will feature dance workshops and performance opportunities over the course of two days. We have created this dance event to bring together different disciplines of dance and performance. The three main areas of dance are categorized into Belly Dance, Burlesque, and Flow Arts. Flow Arts will cover those dancers/performers the integrate dance with skill-based prop manipulation. We are currently taking applications for teachers of all levels and vendors for all categories to sell merchandise. Flow Arts are to include but not limited to: any fire/LED props (fans, poi, etc.); hooping; all juggling (diabolo, devil sticks, etc.); aerialists; circus arts (acro-balance, clowning, etc.); and pirates. The time slots available are for 120 minutes (90 minute minimum) for workshops. There will also be a stage for performance, if you are so inclined. You must register if you wish to perform.

If you are interested in joining our celebration or know of friends/fellow performers that might be interested, please send them my way as I will be the contact for the Flow Arts category. Then go to the website and fill out the application. Remember to include a description of what you teach or will be selling. It should be really fun bringing all these groups together! It is chance to meet like-minded individuals, make new friends, and catch up with old friends. After all, we are all tiny pieces that make up the big picture. We hope you can be part of it. So be sure to spread the word about South East Mosaic Dance Festival! Our idea is to bring the different communities together for the love of our dance. It is an amazing opportunity to attend whether you are teaching or learning. Help us build Mosaic and join in our dance community celebration!

Thank you,
Alexandra Mitchell

South East Mosaic Dance Festival

Balefire at Element Nightclub in Macon

end of daysWe will be performing at Element Nightclub on Cherry St. in Macon to celebrate the Mayan Apocalypse. Come and see us on the 21st and rock the end times in style!

Latest Photography from Charlie Snyder

Once again Charlie Snyder has worked his mojo and taken some excellent photos of Balefire in their Luau costuming.

Snyder, Charlie. (2012). Woad.
Snyder, Charlie. (2012). Muse Catchfire.


Balefire at the Savannah Zombie Walk

Join us as we embrace the Zombie Apocalypse in a frenzy of fire and BRRRRRAAAAAIIIIINNNNNSSSSSSS!!!!

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